My Pitch in englisch

1.What ?



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Economy is Trade

It's about ...

Buy and Sell

A Business to Business


The Focus is:

to create

the biggest Online-Market-Place

all over the world


Who Nothing ventured, he nothing gained


2. Who ?


The head / The brain:

Markus Stigler


Online Marketing Manager with E-Commerce

But still now I am a cook from




Business studies have shown:


"It has to come out of the back more money,

 than you put in the front! "



I make decisions immediately after consultation with professionals and with myself

3.Why ?


Global digitization is in strong growth

The need is there!

The solution overdue!

But now I am here!


Target group: goods manufacturers and merchants of all kinds


Existing shopping dealers:


Dealers are fed up with increased cost pressure

Traders do not want price warfare with the platform itself

Dealers are dissatisfied with the machinations of the "global players"

Traders are looking for alternatives

Traders want fair cooperation

Traders want transparency

Traders want favorable terms

Traders want independence

Traders want service

Traders want to keep their control



Future shopping dealers:


Study Arvato: "Internationalizing Your Brand in 2017"

One third of leading US e-commerce retailers plan to enter the German market in the next four years

The gigantic China market explodes and becomes global

All dealers worldwide want to go to Germany and Europe


.. so Why not ?

We want half of the Amazon dealers

and the best sellers of Ebay, the rest comes on its own!


4. Therefor !


The Strategy



more quickly






The Main Goal:

Best sales portal worldwide




That makes sense

3 selection buttons:

 1.Online shopping, category selection

2.Local buy in your area with link to the store

3. Buy directly from the German manufacturer


We need:

Best Marketing

Best web layout

Easy navigation

Bonus for German dealers

Connection to google shopping

Opportunities for new merchants

Fair terms for dealers

Minimum standards for dealers

Separate service articles

Simple and transparent rating system for customers

Separate fair trade dealer

Minimum cart 10 euros

Video product descriptions optional

Separate second-hand market

Google cooperation

Dealer Support


… and much more





The solution


Three point conditions

Setting per article:

 1 €

Cost-per-Click to merchant item:

1 €

Sales Commission:


per item sold across all categories

then nothing!


 "Global players like Amazon (8% -23%) and E-bay (8.5%) are much more expensive"

That have to be changed and will be changed

Location? - Germany! Why? Ask Wolfgang Grupp!

Now a simple bill

Yield - Cost = Profit

25% of the Profit

should go to worldwide needed children from the first day of sale guaranteed


Once anchored in the minds of consumers, we save 80% of the marketing

Help to create a better Market Place

So you

make a better World


Quote: I like to think big. Always. For me it's very simple: If you think anyway, you might as well think big.


D.T. Think Big


“A kick in your own ass

is always the first step forward!”


Your decision



Thank you for your attention


Markus Stigler